It has been a busy summer. I have uploaded all the pictures from May, June and July.

What a hot summer! We've been spending a lot of time trying to stay cool. We had a great time celebrating Christmas in July, the kids are officially 3 and 5. They are both looking forward to school this fall. Time just flies!

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We are so excited to welcome Evelyn and Julia to the family!!!! I know that's a May update but I couldn't help myself. :-)

We had some pretty nice weather in April and lots of fun, hope you enjoy the pictures! Our month started with the end of my family's visit. We all had a great time. This year Mary "met a guy who gave her magic rocks for the kids", they were so excited to find huge lollipops on Easter day. ;-) Dave and I got to go to a good friend's wedding and had a great time. Zoe went to school with John for a day, she was so excited and felt like such a big girl. I'm hoping she is still this excited in the fall.

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Hello everybody! Just thought I'd share some pictures. March was a fun and busy month. Dr Seuss and Dave celebrated their birthdays, John had his modeling debut and we ended the month with a family visit.

The weather this month was great so we got to go on a few hikes.

Last but not least I got to meet the Pioneer Woman!!!! Not only that but this month I finally got to join her winner's circle! I'm LOVING my new leather boots.

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We finally got around to uploading our 18 weeks ultrasound.  Both Baby A and Baby B are doing great.  The ultrasound technician said that she could tell the gender of the babies, but we still don't know ourselves.

- Paul and Lora

Here are the first images of the twins as a well as the video of the ultrasound we had today!  Those little guys/gals are pretty active and excited to be on film!

- Paul and Lora
We've been having lots of fun this fall with friends and family so I got a little behind on pictures.

John started his last year of preschool and Zoe is sleeping in a big girl bed.

We spent a lot of time this fall doing small hikes at the park and ended our October with a wonderful Wyman visit!

Here are the links for September and October. Thanks for visiting!

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What a busy summer so far! We've been trying to enjoy it as much as possible, spending lots of time outside. Thanks to our friends the Urbans now we have a little playset in the back which they both love!

June Recap:

- Every other Wednesday we've been going to the park with the pirate ship (or space ship like John likes to call it) to meet with our church's Moms and Tots group. This is the first time we've been to that park and the kids LOVE IT!

- We've spent a lot of time at the Urban's house playing with their new playground.

- Big news! John had his check up at the dentist!!! He talked to the girl until she almost passed out, but the visit was a success. NO CAVITIES!!!! YAY!!! So proud of him, he was so good!

- We visited the museum of natural history.

- Had a big family trip to Lancaster for my friend Stpeh's wedding. While there we had dinner at Miller's Smorgasbord, where Zoe really enjoyed eating her ice cream. We visited the Strasburg Railroad and got to go on a steam train ride. The kids had fun riding on a Thomas and playing with the train table at the Thomas store. We missed the real Thomas by a week but got to see him at "The Works" getting ready for his big appearance. And of course we got to see the beautiful bride walk down the aisle. John even got to dance with her.

- The kids got to go to their first baseball game! Pirates vs Red Sox. Lots of Red Sox fans, John had a fun time yelling "Go Bucs!" to Dave's boss who is a Red Sox fan. Of course I had to call my dad several times to update him on the Pirates win. ;-)

- Last but not least we celebrated Halloween in June with dress up day. John was a pirate and Zoe a princess (Cinderella). John loved the idea so much that now he wants to play dress up everyday no matter where we have to go. So we went to story time at the library and he dressed up as Army Pirate. That library is sooooo kid friendly and awesome that one of the children's librarian was wearing a princess crown and he got tons of compliments.

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It's so great to finally get out of the house! We had a great May out and about.

Here are some May pictures

May 2011
Sorry this has taken so long but we've had a fun and busy Spring.

Here are some March Pictures

March 2011

Early April we had a fantastic time at Isle of Palms

Beach 2011

And here are the April pictures

April 2011
We are so ready for Spring! Most days here have been chilly and gray. We don't have too much to report. The kids have had some fun in the snow, John more than Zoe. John is really liking school and Zoe is talking a ton more now. John now says his favorite sport is hockey and has convinced Zoe of the same. Here are some pictures, enjoy!

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I know you have all been dying to see what we were up to (aside from work) this December, here's a quick summary:
- Lots of decorating for Christmas

- John got to see Santa a few times and love it. Zoe wasn't too sure of the guy with the white beard. But now every time she see a picture of Santa she goes "Ho Ho Ho".

- I was the lucky winner of a beautiful necklace from Alloy Jewelry. They engraved it with the kid's names.

- John and I had lots of fun at his preschool's Christmas party. He was so excited to see Santa that he took another kid's turn, hey you snooze you loose right?.

- John and I got to go on a special date to the Science Center to see the robots and trains. Daddy and Zoe got to go on a special date, I think to buy last minute gifts, but Zoe was sworn to secrecy so I'll never know. We all had a great time!

- We celebrated an early Christmas Eve at our friend's Tracy and JT's house where the kids turned their chair into a very fun cave. And of course John wanted to know who all the presents under the tree were for and if he could open them all!

- Dave and the kids got to read The Night Before Christmas. They put out cookies and milk for Santa, but not before they passed a rigorous quality check performed by both kids. And of course Zoe wanted to eat them all, she didn't quite understand why you would just leave perfectly good cookies just sitting out. Then inspector John made sure to clear out the fireplace so that Santa had enough room to come down the chimney and got down with his flashlight and inspected the flue. Once everything looked good enough (Santa was still going to have to use some magic to come in) they went to bed.

- Let the fun begin!!! THANK YOU everybody for making our Christmas sooooooo special! We had so many presents we turned it into a VERY FUN two day event!

- We finished our year at our friend's, The Millers, house. They had this fantastic kid friendly party where we toasted every hour starting at 7pm so that you could head out with the little ones whenever you wanted and didn't have to miss the toast. The kids had a great time playing there.

- We had a very busy end of the year. We had a great time! Now we can't wait to see all our family in 2011! Here are some pictures:

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We had such a fun October. The weather was fantastic and we had some great visitors. John had a lot of fun indoor camping and has officially added a sleeping bag to his Christmas list. Dave's dad stopped by for a quick visit. We enjoyed a beautiful fall day out in a pumpkin patch complete with hayride and pumpkins bigger than the kids. Then they boys and Zoe got to do some fun carving. John also had a lot of fun helping Dad welcome our special visitor Uncle Argh, he keeps an eye on our house. We got to go out to Bedford for a quick visit with Nana and Pop Pop. Then my mom came out for a week to take the kids out Trick or Treating. Army Guy John had so much fun walking up to doors and yelling out "Trick or Treat!" before the person even came to the door. Then he made me go outside a couple of times and knock on the door so he could give me candy :-). While Little Zoe Cat (with tutu of course) wasn't sure what to think of the whole thing.

Now that we have a ton of pumpkins and more candy than we can eat we get to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas... Guess going on a diet will have to wait until next year!

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Finally finished the new table! It's got some, we'll call it character. Yeah, that's it! I think that, despite some amateur flaws, it turned out really well.

This turned out to be a busy month! The pictures have been out there for a little while but here's a very quick summary of our month:
- Family visit to a WWII ship
- John and Mommy visit the dairy farm
- John's First Day of PRESCHOOL!!!!
- Fire Prevention Day
- Wings over Pittsburgh Airshow
- Our friends from Hawaii stopped by for a quick visit with their incredibly cute twins. Lesson learned... taking a picture of 4 kids ages 3 and under is NOT an easy task! And we wish they lived closer. (Maybe wish we lived in Hawaii) :-)
- Curious George visits the Children's Museum

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I posted pictures for August, here's the link to make them easier to find.

It's been a busy month for us. The kids just keep getting bigger and bigger. John starts preschool this week. We went for his orientation and he had so much fun he wanted to go back the next day. We'll see how he feels once he realizes I don't get to stay there with him.

At the beginning of August we took the kids for their first time to Penn State. We had so much fun and can't wait to go again. They got to eat Creamery ice cream, climb on the lion, run around Old Main and meet Matthew (Alison's baby, who's about the same size as Zoe :-)) John's really big on climbing right now so he had fun climbing on everything he could find.

We also took a trip down to a local farm to go apple picking. Both kids had so much fun. We got so many apples! Speaking of produce, I included a picture of some of the veggies from our garden. I think next year we might add a couple of things.

Well enjoy the pictures and see you next month!

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Here is Zoe having fun:

Stevie Ray John:
I am now making up for not posting anything for such a long time! It's been a crazy few months. But we are all doing pretty well now and ready for summer.

The kids are getting so big. Zoe is now sitting on her own and pulling herself up. She loves to stand and might be walking by her birthday. She LOVES her brother and the dog. We are not sure if the "Mama" she is saying refers to me, the mother, or Emma, the dog. It's so amazing to see her grow. She has come such a long way since the beginning of May.

John is having a good summer so far. We went Strawberry picking at one of the local farms. He had a great time, Zoe on the other hand was not a happy camper. I'm sure she'll enjoy it a ton more next year when she can walk around. The other day the boys went out to get "a small fish to put in a small fish tank". As you can see from the pictures that's not exactly what they came home with. So far we have 4 fish (we think one might be pregnant), but I was told that's just phase one and that in a couple of weeks we shall be proud owners of more. Luckily PetSmart has a 2 week fish guarantee! :-) I must say it's pretty relaxing to stare at them. I wonder what the cat will think of them.

As John would say, "See you soon Baboon!"

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John and I went camping and had a blast!