John's first drive-in movie! We saw "Up" - excellent movie. John stayed awake through the whole movie - all the way to 11:30 that night!

Here are some pictures of the front porch work over Memorial Day Weekend:

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My wonderful almost 2 year old made me tasty pancakes for breakfast today! Happy Mother's Day to all!!!

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John has one thing to say...

We also had some problems on the tracks the other day, but the situation was taken care of. No animals or trains were hurt.

More May photos in the May section
I added a couple more pictures to the April folder, May folder and my 28 week tummy picture. John's been busy making new friends, playing Rambo with Daddy and making us breakfast! Yummy! Today he decided that it would be fun to put his little books under Emma. Enjoy!

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More May photos in the May section
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