Father's Day started off with French Toast! John kept me entertained while Mariel whipped up her world-famous french toast which, paired with tasty sausage, was a very good way to start the day.
 Then it was off to North Park for a fun hiking trip! John really enjoys riding in the kid carrier and he's still light enough that I don't even notice him.
 John is always fascinated by Emma and crouches down to watch her when she eats her food or grabs a drink.
 We found a fairly large meadow and we let Emma off her leash to run around. John couldn't decide whether he was more interested in chasing Emma or playing with his train!
 The little dude is always laughing and smiling - we're definitely lucky to have this guy!
 Mariel was a trooper - she did quite a bit of hiking and waited with the backpacks while John and I were busy acting like little boys.
 John, Emma, and me
 Packing up to hike back down to the car.

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