It's so sad that summer is almost over! We are definitely enjoying the weather but not looking forward to the cold. John's having too much fun at the playground for winter to come and Zoe has way too many cute summery outfits to wear. Little girls are so much fun! I love dressing her up and taking pictures of her (thanks Ashley for the wonderful European wardrobe), especially now that she's smiling.

John and I had a little "picnic" in the living room the other day, and Dave and the kids had fun playing with Thomas (thanks again Mary!). There are also some pictures of the boys making cookies with our fabulous KitchenAid mixer, MANY thanks to my dad. Last but not least we have pictures of John flying his one airplane around the house and the family "testing" a new sleeping bag that Dave got.

We've really had a wonderful Summer. Thanks to everybody that came to visit us, we miss you all! Next on the agenda... Drive-in, taking the kids to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

PS You will also notice that I started a new section called Kids where we will be putting all kids pictures.

More September Kids photos in the September section